When it comes to an emergency every second counts

Fire alert, terrorist attack, suspect device or natural disaster; you have little or no warning that an emergency situation is about to happen, it’s therefore essential to be prepared. 

The safety of your staff and students, plus security of your facility depend upon a swift response. InteraX alarm management software from UK based developers GlobalView Systems can provide a simple inexpensive solution.  Should a scenario occur you’ll be able to react quickly and calmly, discover false alarms, commence your phased evacuation or invacuation with maximum efficiency and the minimum of panic.

 Connecting to your fire alarm, intruder alarm, BMS and emergency buttons; InteraX Alarm Management Solution immediately relays notifications to you and your team in real time.  Automatically, following your predetermined alert strategy, warnings are sent to the right people at the right time for the quickest action.

The response can then be immediate and directly to the source of the alert, saving precious seconds. In the event of a true emergency a phased evacuation can then commence from the source.  If it’s a false alarm, then the situation can be resolved with the minimum of disruption and less risk of a fine for unnecessary call out by the Fire Service.

With no requirement for additional devices, InteraX utilises the reliable radio network for communication delivery; notifications can be sent through to your digital two-way radios and even via SMS to smart devices and email.   Now also with terminal alert; an internal communications tool that allows you to send discreet messages in the form of a pop-up window to the screens of facility and staff. This will appear, no matter what other programs they are using at the time, the message cannot be ignored so you can rest assured that the notification will not be missed.

Each warning also has its own alert strategy, InteraX intelligently notifying the correct person dependent upon the output.  Intruder alarm to security, fault to engineering and fire alarm can be sent directly to the fire crew, complete with the exact location.  Even going to different groups at different times of the day.

Your security, caretakers and first response team now have the freedom to do more, no reliance on the being close to the source of the alert or having to refer back to the alarm panel for full detail. Enabling limited personnel to monitor a large campus, confident in the knowledge that they can response quickly and effectively to any incident that may occur.

GlobalView Systems have over 15 years in developing Alarm Management solutions and are utilised in universities, large estates, super yachts and more throughout the world.

To discover more or for a free no obligation site survey, contact GlobalView Systems on https://www.globalviewsystems.co.uk/interax.