Media Pack

Media Pack


MEB Media is responsible for bringing you Campus Estate management Magazine. Campus Estate Management targets the decision makers at all education establishments from primary schools through to universities and colleges. The aim of the publication is to provide cutting and informative editorial to decision makers responsible for maintaining, controlling and building education premises.

Campus Estate management has a combined reach of 60,000 UK education estate and facility decision makers. Campus Estate Management provides its advertisers with a highly efficient and cost effective means of reaching a massive, diverse and important audience. The magazine’s subscribers, combined with a carefully designed and managed circulation profile ensures that its advertisers spend is maximised.


The magazine is produced and distributed 4 x per year in an A4 glossy format with issues being posted in:

  • Spring Mar/Apr
  • Summer Jun/Jul
  • Autumn Sep/Oct
  • Winter Dec/Jan


Leading international consultants, practitioners and journalists offer unique insights into what makes the industry tick. Smart Automation Magazine provides meticulously researched in depth features, case studies, interviews and thought-provoking editorials to showcase best practice when it comes to the specific intention of identifying and purchasing smart home and intelligent building automation products appropriate for turning strategy into reality. It addresses the problems and challenges facing everyone involved in the development and preparation chain and in the process serves to produce more than a few answers and solutions.


For a list of our upcomming features and deadlines, please visit our feature list.

Circulation Analysis

Magazine Advertising

  • Front Cover Package - £3,450
  • Inside Front Cover - £2,950
  • Outside Back Cover - £2,950
  • Double Page Spread - £3,450
  • Full Page - £1,950
  • Half Page - £1,100
  • Quarter Page - £650
  • Logo entry (logo and 50 word description) - £295

Discount rates

  • 2 Issues: 5%
  • 3 Issues: 10%
  • 4 Issues: 20%

Website Advertising - Banners appear on all pages of the website

  • Top Banner / 700 x 90 - £500 per month
  • Inside Banner / 1240 x 100 - £500 per month
  • Side Banner / 300 x 250 - £500 per month

Email newsletter - 35,000 subscribers

  • Solus email - £1000
  • Editorial Press Release / 500 words max. plus image - £250
  • Top Banner / 700 x 90 - £500
  • Bottom Banner / 700 x 90 - £250

Mechanical Specifications

We require all adverts to be saved as a print-ready PDF@300dpi with at 3mm bleed all around with crop marks. Ensure all pictures &logos used are high resolution and CMYK. Send all artwork to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Final copy date is 10 days prior to publication date.

  • Full-page size 297mm x 210mm
  • Bleed 303mm x 216mm
  • Trim 297mm x 210mm
  • Type 264mm x 186mm
  • Half-page horizontal 129mm x 186mm
  • Half-page vertical 264mm x 90mm

MEB Media Publishing (UK) Ltd

13 Princess Street,
Maidstone, Kent
ME14 1UR
United Kingdom

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