Introducing Captivator360

Captivator360 is a unique, secure housing that enables any venue to exploit the gaming and entertainment features of Microsoft’s® Xbox® gaming platform, including the revolutionary Kinect® controller free technology.

Simply fix Captivator to a wall, slide your Xbox® console in to the equipment tray then lock it down and go for it.
The entire Captivator case is hidden by the 46” LED display which we wrap in a custom designed protective case…. just in case things get rowdy!
Need to change a game or gain access to the hardware? Simple: just tap the digital key against the front of the casing and the equipment tray will pull open, allowing you quick and easy access to all the technical stuff.
Captivator keeps everything locked up, tidy and safe, so it’s perfect for unmonitored environments and Kinect® games enable customers to jump straight in to the action just by walking in front of the screen.
The Video Gaming Society at Bradford University recently installed four Captivator systems in the Student Union and has been amazed at the response. Their experience shows that in addition to Captivator being a draw to traditional gamers, the simple to use Kinect® controller free gaming solution also attracts non gamers to the action. Most importantly, In terms of stimulating social interaction, Captivator wins hands down. 
“People tend to gather round and watch as a user starts to play a game, using the movement of their body to control a raft down a set of heavy rapids or jumping up and down to navigate their way through a difficult assault course. Once they’ve watched for a while, they naturally tend to then want to try the game out for themselves. 
In a very simple and effective manner, Captivator gets people talking, laughing and playing together who otherwise might never have struck up that first conversation.”
In addition to Captivator’s gaming prowess, the Xbox® platform can also provide a variety of entertainment solutions, including movie playback, web browsing, Skype® and catch up TV.
In short, it’s a one stop solution for any entertainment venue.