Style rescues school’s moveable wall

Style rescues school’s moveable wall

The hinges, on a folding wall installed at a school in Manchester, had become stretched through general wear and tear, causing it to become unusable. The company responsible for routine servicing of the wall declared that it needed completely replacing, at considerable expense and disruption. 

Seeking a second opinion, Style’s team of moveable, folding and partitioning wall technicians was invited to assess the severity of the situation and advised that the wall could be fixed, rather than replaced, at a far lower cost and with minimal inconvenience.

Style is the UK’s multi-award winning, market leader in moveable, folding and partitioning wall installation. In addition, the company boasts an in-house trained team of professional technicians able to offer service and repair of almost any dividing wall system, even if Style was not responsible for the original installation.

“We will always look to repair, rather than replace, whenever we can,” said Hannah Thorneycroft, service and repair manager for Style North.

“A well serviced moveable wall can last up to 25 years in some cases, and as long as it’s inspected properly at regular intervals, it can retain its smooth operation and acoustic integrity – and issues such as stretched hinges can be spotted early and quickly resolved.

“On this occasion, the problem had been left to develop into a much greater issue. However, we were able to replace the hinge profiles and bring the wall back to full working order thanks to the professionalism of our service and repair technicians.”


“We offer routine servicing and repair of all types of moveable walls,” continued Hannah, “from simple folding walls through to fully automatic, large-scale systems.”

The school was so impressed by the repair of their moveable wall that they awarded Style an ongoing service contract, helping ensure trouble-free use of it for many years to come.

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