Improve estate management: Learn how to achieve quality O&Ms in a free CPD workshop

Improve estate management: Learn how to achieve quality O&Ms in a free CPD workshop

 UK’s market leading O&M provider offer Universities effective strategies to standardise O&M delivery

O&Ms are a prerequisite for practical completion yet receiving poor quality and inconsistent information is a common issue for university estates. Often, the problems begin with the ERs, which are vague and give no consideration to end user requirements. With no defined structure in place, and responsibility left to over-stretched contractors, O&Ms are frequently incomplete and unreliable. This makes it impossible for building and facilities managers to maintain their estates effectively and efficiently.

As the market leaders in O&Ms and structured data, Createmaster have managed handover documentation on over 1500 projects for the UK’s top contractors and developers. They insist the common O&M problems faced by university estates are entirely avoidable. By following their simple steps to O&M success, Createmaster believe every university can achieve standardised O&Ms and quick and easy access to structured data across their project portfolio.

Createmaster are touring Universities across the UK with a free CPD workshop on O&Ms best practice. Over 1.5 hours, they share valuable advice accumulated over 16 years’ experience to university estate management teams. Createmaster have already delivered successful sessions for a number of universities including: Bath, Liverpool, Reading, Wolverhampton and Sussex.

Each CPD session covers:

  • Nature of the O&M market
  • Trends & Technology affecting this space (structured data, the cloud)
  • Importance of defining the quality standard within the ERs
  • Best Practice and the Createmaster approach, (early engagement, total trade management, integration with end user systems)

For further information about arranging a Createmaster CPD workshop contact – Urvi Amin, Createmaster. Tel: +44 20 3974 2154

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